Nils van Zandt & Pakito – Lonely – Nils van Zandt is back …

Nils van Zandt is back! This time together with french DJ/Producer Pakito. Multi-platinum artist Pakito had some major hits like ‘Living on video’, ‘Moving on stereo’ and ‘Are you ready’.

‘Living on video’ sold more than 350.000 copies and has been #1 for many weeks. Also, the album ‘Video’ sold over 80.000 copies.

Nils van Zandt we know from many hits like ‘Partycrasher’, ‘For You’, ’Destination Paradise’, ‘The Riddle’, ‘Hey!’, ’Life of the Party’ and many more.

So now they’re putting their musical strength together with their new release ‘Lonely’. And if you listen carefully, you will be surprised with the well-known Pakito sound. So Play it loud! It’ s time to dance again!