AMARI – Sober Up – The story in the music video…

The story in the music video goes about 2 women who are in love but alcohol abuse unfortunately puts an end to that. It can be confronting for some and Amari is aware of that.
Amari has a brother who has had a lot of alcohol problems. She knows what damage this can do to others and especially to yourself.
Also the gay scene is another theme in the video, because of the prejudices gay people often get.
Gays are often blamed. Or should pay attention to what they say and do in public and even on social media …. many do not dare to admit their sexual orientation.

Because of that Amari wanted to release a song with a meaning behind it.
And she hopes that some people will find themselves somewhere in the message that will be released into the world with “Sober Up”.
But especially AMARI hopes for your support in these important topics!