Ahzee & Twinns Feat. Nissa Seych, Odreii – Ou Té Baba – Hitwonder AHZEE is BACK …

Hitwonder AHZEE is BACK!! Combined, over 250.000.000 views on youtube with his previous singles, no need to say that AHZEE is one of the most popular artists of the last years!

It took him a while, but now he’s back with 2 strong upcoming singers from Canada, Nissa Seych and Odreii.

Some industry people say that it sounds a bit lik Stromae with Latin and French influences, with an oriental touch!

This summer vibe makes you wanna go dance immediately! The English and the Spanish lyrics, combined with the oriental catchy sound also triggers a wide global public.

Don’t forget to watch the official Music Video, recorded in London (UK)